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Debugging Tips of Diesel Jaw Crusher

Jan 03 2015

Diesel jaw crusher needs to be debugged regularly after using for a period of time, which is conducive to productive work and can effectively avoid security risks. How to debug a diesel jaw crusher? Followings are several debugging tips of diesel jaw crusher that I summarize in detail.

1. For the diesel jaw crusher debugging, the first thing needs to do is that debug all fasteners of the equipment, like bolts, anchor bolts or other fastening parts of the equipment. These fasteners must be debugged regularly to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of production.

2. Inspect the transmission device of the diesel jaw crusher frequently, such as, fly wheel, pulley, belt and other components. Especially v-belt, it plays a very important role in the production, so if it is loose, operators must adjust it immediately.

3. Before powering on diesel jaw crusher, operators must have adjusted the discharge opening size of the equipment well. The specific debugging should be set according to customer's specific production requirements.

4. When one end of the diesel jaw crusher’s hammer has been worn seriously, operators can turn the hammerhead around to achieve a reasonable use of components, which also decreases the using cost of diesel jaw crusher.

5. In addition, in the operation process of diesel jaw crusher, operators must pay attention to the lubrication of the equipment. And add lubricant for the device regularly.

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