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Structure Improvement of Chinese Cone Crusher

Jan 04 2015

In order to increase production capacity and operational reliability of Chinese cone crusher, our enterprise has made a great improvement on its parameters and structure, eliminating the shortcomings of old equipment, like mechanical damage. I will discuss the structure improvement of Chinese cone crusher in the following parts.

Improvement of the coupler

Old type coupler is not suitable for device's strong vibrations, which makes the working condition of motor bad. And the small elastic apron is easy to be damaged, which leads to the wearing of pin and coupler. The new type Chinese cone crusher adopts active coupler and pin, which can not only transport big torque, but also has the ability to absorb vibration, having good production effect.

Improvement of spring device

When non-crushed materials pass though the equipment, there will big friction produced between non-crushed materials and the fixed liner. The upper of Chinese cone crusher will reverse to the circumferential direction. The old type Chinese crusher has no anti-reversing devices, so its spring is easy to bend and be damaged. To improve the force of screw, the improved spring is fixed on the mainframe, which can avoid circumference twist and the damage of spring.

Improvement of feed port and rotating speed

The old type feed port is uncoordinated to the discharging granularity, so that the phenomena that the actual size of raw materials is bigger than the granularity that the equipment can bear often occur, resulting in the serious damage of the crushing chamber and the decrease of production capacity. The new type feed port has been greatly improved.

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