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What Cause the Abrasion of Pioneer Jaw Crusher’s Jaw?

Jan 05 2015

Pioneer jaw crusher plays an important role in the mining, metallurgical and artificial sand making industries. It works depending on the suppression of jaws to raw materials, so its jaws are easy to be worn. What cause the abrasion of pioneer jaw crusher’s jaw? Followings are some main reasons.

The crushing of materials

Raw materials are crushed by pioneer jaw crusher mainly depending on big pressure produced by movable jaw and fixed jaw. Since the crushing manner is splitting way which needs much pressure and movable jaw is moving towards when raw materials are crushed, so the whole crushing process is mainly completed by fixed jaw, which results in the serious abrasion of fixed jaw, especially its low middle part.

Moving forms of materials

In the crushing process, movable jaw firstly moves upwards, and then moves downwards. No matter movable jaw moves which direction, raw materials and fixed jaw will relatively slip towards each other. Raw materials bear big pressure at this moment, so the abrasion of fixed jaw produced because of this relatively slipping is very serious.

Plugging of materials

In the crushing process, some of materials will be difficult to be crushed because of too big size or natural characteristics. At this moment, the slipping of materials increases, which not only makes the abrasion of fixed jaw more seriously, but also leads to the plugging of materials. Materials can not be discharged timely but stay between the two jaws, which increase the abrasion and create a vicious cycle.

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