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How to Purchase Accessories for Coal Slime Rotary Dryer

Jan 05 2015

Since the working intensity of coal slime rotary dryer is large, and the working condition is poor, so some wear and tear parts are easily damaged. When you purchase accessories for coal slime rotary dryer, what problems should you pay attention to? I summarize several suggestions here. Details are shown below.

1. Focus on the "original": if conditions allow, you had better purchase accessories for coal slime rotary dryer from the manufacturer who you buy the equipment. The original manufacture has the most suitable accessories for you equipment no matter at the quality, size, and material. If you cannot buy them from your original manufacture, do remember do not purchase accessories from small scale factories. Although their price may be relatively low.

2. Compare prices: many consumers are misled by various manufacturers and think that accessories of coal slime rotary dryer are almost the same. Since there are many counterfeit and shoddy products whose technology is relatively simple, they usually tend to attract consumers with their lower prices. Therefore, consumers need to make a survey on the market of coal slime rotary dryer’s accessories. If the price is too low, you should do more investigation.

3. Check the quality before purchasing. When you purchase accessories, you must open the package and carefully observe the quality of the device, such as, whether there are rust, mildew, and aging phenomena, whether there are loose, degumming, and unsoldering phenomenon, whether the rotating part is flexible, and so on. At last ensure brochures and certificates are included.

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