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Maintenance Points of Mini Impact Crusher

Jan 06 2015

In order to improve the production efficiency and prolong the service life of mini impact crusher, operators need to conduct regular maintenance for the equipment to prevent accidents from happening. Followings are a detailed summary of mini impact crusher’s overhaul points.

Maintenance point of mini impact crusher’s parts

Parts maintenance of mini impact crusher is very important to the normal work of the equipment. The maintenance job mainly includes inspection and repair of wearing parts, the maintenance of bearing’s lubrication system, the inspection of v-belt’s tension, the repair of motor failure, etc. If there are any failures, fix them immediately.

Maintenance point of mini impact crusher’s fasteners

Every component of mini impact crusher connected each other through screws and fasteners. In order to ensure normal production of the equipment, staffs need to regularly check the tightness of bolts, screws and fasteners. If find any of them loose, you must fasten them timely.

Maintenance point of mini impact crusher’s temperature

Checking the temperature rising state of mini impact crusher is also a part of its maintenance. If its temperature rises too much during working, the motor of mini impact crusher may be burned out. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of accidents, operators must pay attention to the temperature rising state of mini impact crusher regularly.

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