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How to Prevent the Movable Jaw of Cone Crusher Plant from Unfair Damage

Jan 06 2015

Cone crusher plant plays an important role in many industrial areas, and has become a kind of widely used crushing equipment. The movable jaw is an important part of cone crusher plant. This article will teach you how to prevent the movable jaw of cone crusher plant from unfair damage and prolong its service life. The following are the main five points.

Adjust timely during operation

Once cone crusher plant occurs abnormal phenomena, operators must be shut down and thoroughly check the equipment. Or notify the professional maintenance person for professional repair. If the spherical bearing of cone crusher plant is broken, it must be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. And adjust the gap of the liner and jaw to ensure there is enough space.

Ensure movable jaw lubricated well

Before operation, check the lubrication of the movable jaw and see whether there are any impurities. During the operation, pay attention to the temperature of the lubricant and ensure lubricant can flow throw the equipment freely. If the oil has been deterioration, it must be replaced immediately to keep good lubrication of movable jaw.

Avoid movable jaw from abnormal vibration

According to the research of kinematics and dynamics of cone crushing plant, cone crushing plant produces imbalanced inertia force during operation, which is the main reason that causes vibration of cone crusher plant. We can add counterweights on the large bevel gear to reduce the shock of vibration and prolong its service life.

Install protection device

Tradition cone crusher plant generally uses protection device. But the reliability this protection device is low. Now we generally use the hydraulic safety protection device. When the equipment is overload or there is iron entering in, the hydraulic safety protection device will work to avoid the damage.

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