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How to Prevent Professional Cone Crusher Leaking Oil

Jan 07 2015

If professional cone crusher leaks oil, its lubrication system will be affected which will bring more serious result. So during operation, users must try their best to prevent professional cone crusher leaking oil. Following are some suggestions to prevent professional cone crusher leaking oil.

Ensure professional cone crusher sealed well

1. The structure of sealing system is very important to the sealing effect of professional cone crusher. The sealing effect of O shape sealing ring is determined by the size of tank. If the tank is too deep, the compression of the sealing ring is not enough, so the sealing ring will fail to seal. So the structure of sealing ring must be properly designed to ensure the sealing effect.

2. Correctly install the sealing ring to guarantee the sealing effect. Do not install the sealing ring by tool with corner angle to prevent the corner angle scratching the sealing ring. Besides, in order to easily install the sealing ring, some grease is appropriate to sealing ring.

Do regular inspection during operation

1. Regularly inspect the filter to see whether it is blocked or damaged or not. Replace the drain line that has haven kinks to guarantee the return lines normal. At the same time, pay attention to clean the drive shaft’s ventilation cover on the side of professional cone crusher. And blow the ventilation hood with compressed air.

2. Check the gap between the oil tube and the inner wall of oil tank to see whether it is reasonable to prevent spilled oil with each other forming oil seals which may cause oil leakage.

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