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How to Prevent Irregular Material Discharge of Small Cone Crusher

Jan 07 2015

The irregular material discharge of small cone crusher will make a bad influence on the working efficiency of the equipment. This article will introduce you methods to prevent irregular material discharge of small cone crusher, which mainly includes the following two aspects:

Strictly control the material feeding

1. Clearly know all the parameters of small cone crusher you are using, especially the requirement of materials’ properties. Input proper materials according to small crusher’s requirement. For some materials which cannot meet the requirement of small cone crusher, for example, too hot or too wet, they must be handled by some special process first to be close or meet the requirement of small cone crusher. Or the particle size of the crushed materials will be difficult to reach the requirement.

2. Uneven feeding could easily cause many problems, such as, overload, uneven granularity of finished product, the wearing of movable and fixed jaws, etc., seriously affecting the productive capacity of the small cone crusher. For this phenomenon, we can solve it by improve the feeding hopper, so that materials can be evenly unloaded on the distribution disk, ensuring materials can evenly enter into the crushing cavity.

Adjust the equipment timely according to the actual production

1. When the raw materials are changed, the size of outlet must be adjusted correspondingly in time. After adjustment, the size of the outlet can be measured by tying a shot with steel wire. When the outlet is adjusted to your need, lock the crushing cylinder well and then restart the equipment.

2. In production, users should take care to check operating voltage and see whether it is sufficient, and check the belt whether the tightness of the belt is proper. If there are any irregularities, they should be adjusted for normal in time to provide sufficient conditions for the work of small cone crusher and to ensure the uniform size of the crushed materials.

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