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How to Improve the Hammerhead of Stone Hammer Crusher

Jan 07 2015

Stone hammer crusher crushes raw materials by the high-speed rotary hammerhead. During the operation, the hammerhead is easy to break when it slams into raw materials with high speed. To avoid this phenomenon from happening and improve operating efficiency, making a reasonable improvement measure of tone hammer crusher’s hammerhead is very important.

Change the manufacture materials

The hammerhead of stone hammer crusher is made of medium-carbon steel and high chromium cast iron for the organic compound, then it adopts solid-liquid sand mold casting technology to manufacture. High chromium cast iron contains high carbon ferrochrome, molybdenum, copper, steel scrap and other ingredients. During the melting process, operators need to optimal control the Cr, c, Mo and other ingredients to get high wear insistence hammerhead with long service life.

Improve the wear resistance of hammerhead

To improve the wear resistance of hammerhead, the hardness of hammerhead must be improved. However, with the increase of hammerhead’s hardness, its toughness will come down. So the key point is how to improve the hardness of hammerhead while keep it having high toughness too. We can embed high hardness alloy in matrix with strong toughness. This kind of hammerhead is hard inside and soft outside, which has both high hardness and toughness.

Use composite hammerhead

Using composite hammerhead can reduce wear of hammerhead and prevent it from rupture. The specific production process is as the followings: prepare the alloy blocks according to the size and structure of hammerhead. Then head them to a certain temperature and place them into the cavity. At last, inject 45 # steel fluid within the given time and make the steel fluid merge with the alloy to complete the manufacture of composite hammerhead.

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