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Problems Happening on the Bearing of Small Impact Crusher

Jan 08 2015

Bearing is one of the most important parts of small impact crusher. Its operation directly affects the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. There are some problems commonly happening on the bearing during work. Users should know them and solve them timely if they happen.

There is abnormal noise.

It is because that the cover of bearing is too loose, so small impact crusher makes a grinding noise and apparent swing during the operation. At this moment, users should stop the equipment immediately, remove the bearing, and reinstall it.

The bearing is too hot.

Lubricant in the bearing is too much, not enough or aging are all main reasons for the temperature rising of bearing. Therefore, users must use lubricant basing on the instruction book. Generally speaking, lubrication oil is 70%-80% of the whole space. Too much or too less are all bad for the lubrication and heat transportation of the bearing.

The bearing is damaged.

If the bearing seat of small impact crusher is not in balance, or the rotor of motor is misalignment with the rotor of the equipment, the temperature of bearing will rise because of strong impact. When this phenomenon happens, users must stop the equipment immediately to avoid further damage of bearing.

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