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How to Reduce the Operation Cost of Stone Jaw Crusher for Mine?

Jan 09 2015

Stone jaw crusher for mine is a necessary machine in the mining industry. Although it has a high crushing ability , its operation cost is very high. How to reduce the operation cost of stone jaw crusher for mine? I summarize three aspects that can help users to reduce the cost of stone jaw crusher for mine.

1. Regularly inspection

Regularly inspect stone jaw crusher for mine to avoid and accident causing big economy lost. Operators should regularly check the using state of stone jaw crusher for mine, especially the easy wearing parts like hammerhead, bearing, gear, flywheel, v-belts and other components. If find any components seriously damaged, replace them in time before any accident happening. In addition, operator should periodically tighten bolts, screws and fasteners of stone jaw crusher for mine, so that can prevent the occurrence of accidents.

2. Proper operation

Proper operation of stone jaw crusher for mine can effectively reduce the production costs of the equipment. Proper operation includes: starting or shutting down the machine in accordance with the provision; even feeding; adding lubricant for the equipment in time; ensuring voltage stability of the equipment.

3. Store it in a correct way

In the cold winter, stone jaw crusher for mine can not be used for normal production. At this time, users have to store the equipment is a correct way, or its service life will be affected. The most important thing is that remove its motor when store it, and coat anti-corrosion lubricants on its surface, which can prevent its surface from rusting.

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