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What Leads to the Corrosion of Coal Slurry Rotary Dryer?

Jan 09 2015

Coal slurry rotary dryer is an important machine in coal slime process manufacture. A lot of customers find that coal slurry rotary dryer is easy to corrode after a period time of used. Fote heavy machinery has made a research at sites and summarizes following reasons for the corrosion of coal slurry rotary dryer.

1. The lift plate with the thick of 3mm has been corroded and gone, so that many of wet materials gather at the bottom of the cylinder. Wet materials can not be dried in time, but are left on the surface of the cylinder and corrode the cylinder. This is a big reason for the localized corrosion.

2. Since the outer thermal insulation layer of coal slurry rotary dryer has been used for a long time, so that its heat preservation effect has been reduced. The temperature of wet materials near to the wall of cylinder is very low, so they can not be dried but bring moisture to the cylinder. This is also a big reason for the localized corrosion.

3. When wash coal slurry rotary dryer with alkaline liquor where there is Cl-. CL- has some damage to stainless steel. We have made a laboratory analysis of the alkaline liquor. Its Cl- content is 5 mg/l. Although it is much lower than the national requirement which is 25mg/L, there are much unknowable factors during the washing process combined with a variety of corrosion factors existing. As long as there is Cl-, it will promote the corrosion of stainless steel.

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