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How to Improve the Tooth Plate of Stone Primary Jaw Crusher

Jan 12 2015

Stone primary jaw crusher now is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, building material, highway, railway, and other departments. During the operation, the consumption of stone primary jaw crusher’s tooth plate has direct influence on the running cost of the equipment. Due to the dynamic and fixed jaws are components directly connecting raw materials, they bear a lot of damage and friction in the work. They are easily worn and need frequent replace. How to improve it to change the performance of stone primary jaw crusher? There are three improving methods below.

Firstly, change the tooth shape. Adjust the gaps of the two sides of tooth plate and mainframe’s liner. According to requirement, the gap is in 4—8mm. Only there is a gap, tooth plate can have a stretching space and working well during crushing process. Besides, the gap needs to be adjusted once every two weeks.

Secondly, thicken the tooth plate. The whole tooth plate should be thickened by 30 mm. only this can slow down its wearing speed, prolong its service life, and improve the working efficiency of stone primary jaw crusher.

Thirdly, reduce the number of pad. In order to protect the front wall of the frame and movable jaw, there are two pads which are two steel pates with 30mm thick. Now we change it with only one steel plate with 30mm thick. After improvement, the tooth height is increased by 15 mm, and its thickness is increased by 30mm, which changes the force on the plate, reduce the vibration, and increase its using life. After improvement, the service life of too plate is prolonged to eight months from 3 months.

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