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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Rotary Dryer Machine

Jan 12 2015

Constantly improving the working efficiency of rotary dryer machine is the necessary job for every manufacturer. Our enterprise devoted ourselves to develop a new type rotary dryer machine with high working efficiency too. We hope to develop a new model rotary dryer machine with high quality but low price. After years of efforts, how do we improve the working efficiency of rotary dryer machine?

Paint rust prevention

When do dynamic balance of bearing after it being installed on the rotor, it is difficult to avoid iron filings from entering into the bearing. So it is better to be finished before being installed on the rotor. In order to make the installation easy, some rotary dryer machine manufacturers coat some oil or grease in the bearing room to achieve lubrication purpose. However, it is difficult to control the amount for operators, so there may be too much oils or greases left in the bearing room, which will affects the normal production. Therefore, it is best not to paint oil or grease on bearing or necessary.

Foreign object prevention

Since bearing is a high-precision device. If the installation is incorrect, it will be easily damaged. Bearing must be installed with specific tools. Operators can not bit it at will. When install the small ring, only the small ring can suffer force. Meanwhile, when install the big ring, only the big ring can surfer force. During the installation, the upper and lower molds must be in level, or it eill damage the bearing.

Assembly methods of bearing

After the bearing being installed on the rotor, the rotor must rotate freely. If it cannot, it means the size of bearing is too large. If there is obviously "rustling" noise when rotate the rotor, it means the tolerance bearing is too big. Whatever, after installing bearing, operators must ensure it works well.

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