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The Safe Operation Methods of Gypsum Rotary Dryer

Jan 12 2015

Gypsum itself is very viscous, so it needs to be dried before further using. Gypsum rotary dryer is a special dryer for drying gypsum with 20%-40% water. The dried gypsum can be used in briquette shaping, cement making, plasterboard production and other industries. In the entire operation of gypsum drying line, the most important point is security. The followings are the safe operation methods of gypsum rotary dryer I summarize.

1. Before igniting the equipment, check whether the valve of gas is closed or not.

2. During the working process of gypsum rotary dryer, check the pressure of gas and see whether it is enough or not.

3. All the maintenance work of gypsum rotary dryer can be carried out during running. When the equipment is maintained, operators must hang a sign which says motor switch is prohibited.

4. When gypsum rotary drying is working, operators are forbidden to touch the equipment no matter by hands or tools.

5. Operators must take on safety suit before they start to work.

6. When operators is inspecting any parts of gypsum rotary dryer, any staffs are forbidden to put on the rotating part of the equipment.

7. When gypsum rotary dryer is running, any body can not put their hands into the big gear cover, belt cover, reducer, and connection parts to check, clean, or repair something.

8. Near the rotating parts, cotton yarn and cloth are forbidden to be used. Besides, operators must take on tight close so as to avoid accidents.

9. Before running, check the inside of gypsum rotary dryer, and clean up sundries in it. Ensure it is clear, and then gypsum rotary dryer can start to work.

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