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Reasons of Sticking Materials on the Sawdust Rotary Dryer Wall

Jan 13 2015

Only high quality can not ensure the normal running of sawdust dryer. Actual operation is equal important, which can show the perfect design of sawdust rotary dryer. During the actual production process of sawdust rotary dryer, we usually meet this and that problem, and may even meet some failures which are caused by many factors. When meet any problems in the work, users must stop and find reasons whatever the problem is big and small to avoid more serious faults. This article will specifically introduce you the reasons of sticking materials on the sawdust rotary dryer wall.

Firstly, air volume is changed. The main reason of air volume change is the change of equipment’s resistance. All the parts of sawdust dryer have a certain degree of wear after a long time using. And some parts may be polluted or clogged. All of these can make the insistence of the equipment increase, leading to the decrease of air volume and giving sticking materials chance to adhere on the wall of sawdust rotary dryer.

Secondly, another reason is the adjustment of fan. Airflow will be changed when the fan is adjusted. Generally speaking, the flowing direction has a great impact on the sticking materials. Therefore, controlling the change of airflow has a big significant to reduce the sticking phenomenon of sawdust rotary dryer.

Finally, the last reason is fog effect. If the fog effect is little, there will be large fog droplets. The drying effect of fog droplet is very low, so it easily sticks on the raw of sawdust dryer. For centrifugal spray machine, we should monitor its rotating speed at every minute. For the pressure spray machine, we should inspect whether the pipe is blocked or worn or not regularly.

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