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Why Dose the Reducer Gear of Sand Rotary Dryer Fail

Jan 13 2015

Sand rotary dryer is developed on the basis of rotary dryer by Fote technical staff. It is mainly used for drying all kinds of sands, aggregate, coal, and other materials. During the operation, its reducer gear may appear this and that problem. For the fault of reducer gear, we can solve it only after finding reasons causing it. There are many reasons for the fault of sand rotary dryer’s reducer gear. And the main reasons are the following fours.

1. If the label of lubricant used in sand rotary dryer’s reducer gear is wrong, the lubricant has not been replaced for a long time, the viscosity of lubricant is low, there are debris in the gear box, the lubricant has been polluted and gone bad, or other reasons, the reducer gear of sand rotary dryer will fail.

2. The cylinders of sand rotary dryer are not concentric, which leads to the serious vibration of the equipment and produces a large impact force that is beyond the running load of sand rotary dryer, so that reducer gear fails.

3. The rigidity of reducer gear’s surface material is not enough, or it not be processed though rigid treatment, resulting in fatigue and wear. Then its hardness will be reduced, which will shorten the service life of reducer gear.

4. The gear of reducer is not in occlusal balance, leading to uneven force acting on reduce. Unilateral burden of reducer is too large, resulting in gear failure.

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