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How to Protect the Hydraulic System of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Jan 15 2015

Hydraulic system is a very important part of hydraulic cone crusher. If its maintenance is not in place, the failure rate of hydraulic cone crusher will increase. More seriously, the service life and reliability of hydraulic cone crusher will be affected. Therefore, the correct operation and maintenance of hydraulic system has a big significant. How to protect the hydraulic system of hydraulic cone crusher? This article will discuss it specifically in the following parts.

Select right type hydraulic oil

Only exact matching hydraulic oil can make hydraulic system play a big role. Otherwise, not unsuitable hydraulic oil can affect the normal work of the hydraulic system and even have bad influence to the hydraulic cone crusher.

Guarantee the clearness of hydraulic oil and hydraulic system

According to statistics, the hydraulic system goes wrong mainly because of the deterioration of hydraulic oil. There are tie surfaces and clearances with high precision in the pump and valves. Besides some components have damping holes and gap type control valve mouth. If oil liquid mixed in impurities, these holes, mouths, surfaces and clearances may be damaged. So keeping the hydraulic system clean and replacing hydraulic oil regularly have a big significant to hydraulic cone crusher.

Regularly inspect the work of hydraulic system

When hydraulic cone crusher works, air in the hydraulic oil returning pipe must be completely ruled out and the oil surface must be keep normal. Besides, regularly check the temperature of oil to prevent some bad effect caused by hot oil. The normal working pressure of hydraulic system is 8MPa to 415MPa.

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