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How to Lower the Working Noise of Stone Crusher Machine

Jan 15 2015

Stone crusher machine is mainly used for crushing different specifications of stones. Its products can be used as aggregates in building industries. Its products can basically meet the needs of the different industry's demand for gravel. However there are big noise in the working site of stone crusher machine which is bad for the health of operators and greatly affects the normal work of operators. How to lower the working noise of stone crusher machine? I summarize it into the following several aspects.

Take measures from noise source

Improve the screen side panel of the stone crusher machine, because it is the main factor causing noise. Besides, the friction between the screening board and materials can also affect the working efficiency of stone crusher machine. Therefore, stone crusher machine manufacturers can paste metal vibration-damping sheets on the inner wall of screening board, which not only can increase the resistance and at the same time keep the frication coefficient still. Glue a plastic sheet on the outside wall of the screening board, and then adhere a 1.2mm steel plate with big stiffness on it to lower the noise.

Take measures for the medium of noise

Install a movable sound insulation wall or curtain which has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation between the stone crusher machine and plant to isolate the stone crusher machine from the rest of workplace. And the windows of workplace are changed in to sound insulation and light inlet windows.

Take measures from the receiver

Take protection measure to the noise receivers. Firstly, ask operators wearing earmuffs to isolate noise. Secondly, ask all operators who contact vibration wearing anti-vibration gloves, anti-vibrating shoes. Finally, process the wall and ceiling of engine duty room by sound absorption to ensure operators on duty avoid being affected by noise.

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