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What Kind of Material Can Be Used for Making the Tube of Slag Rotary Dryer?

Jan 17 2015

Tube is the body of slag rotary dryer and it is the most basic part of the equipment. Materials’ drying process is just completed in the tube. On the tube, big gear, tire, and other small parts are installed. Tube rotates on the tug though tyre. From above, we know that tube is the main working part of drag rotary dryer. As the substrate of drag rotary dryer, its manufacturing is very important, especially materials used for making it. The followings are two basic requirements of materials used for making the tube of slag rotary dryer.

Firstly, materials used for making the tube of slag rotary dryer must have a certain degree of rigidity. When the tube works, apart from its own weight, it will be subjected to physical force, torque, as well as the holding power from the main shaft. These effects easily make the tube excessive bend, affecting the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, materials used for making tube must be rigid enough.

Secondly, the tube of slag rotary dryer must have a plenty of wear-resistance. It is because that tube always works at high temperatures, and it is easily worn and torn at this time. So casting material of tube should have a certain degree of wear resistance.

In practice, the tube of slag rotary dryer is usually made by 10-20mm thick steel plates. And at its main parts where gear and tire are installed are thickened to enhance rigidity.

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