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How Many Categories Do Steel Balls of Construction Ball Mill Have?

Jan 19 2015

Steel balls are key components of construction ball mill. The quality of ground materials has a direct relationship to the quantity and quality of steel malls. The quantity of steel balls is controlled by operators, while the quality of steel balls is mainly determined by materials made of them. Materials used for making steel ball are mainly low-carbon alloy, high manganese steel, high-chromium iron, high carbon and high manganese steel, etc. This article will introduce you the categories of construction ball mill’s steel balls.

Steel balls made of low-carbon alloy

This kind of steel balls has good toughness and low price. Its service life is longer one times than steel ball made of low-chromium iron in the same working condition. It not only saves production costs for users, but also improves the production capacity of construction ball mill.

Steel balls made of high-chromium iron

High-chromium iron is an excellent anti-wear material. But its toughness is poor. It is brittle and easily broken. Besides, it is expensive. So construction ball mill seldom uses high-chromium iron steel ball now.

Steel balls made of high manganese steel

High manganese steel ball has good toughness, excellent manufacturability, and low price. Its main feature is that it is surface can quickly harden when bears big impact or contact stress. Its strain hardening index is around 6 times higher than other materials’. And at the same time, its wear resistance is greatly improved too.

Steel balls made of high carbon and high manganese steel

High carbon and high manganese steel is a kind of alloy steel mainly composed of elements such as chromium, molybdenum, and so on. It is characteristics of high hardness and good toughness. Its microstructures include martensite, Bainite and Bainite-martensite. The hardness of this type ball steel is about HRC60, and its impact toughness is ≥ 15 J/CM2. Its service life is longer at least one times than high-manganese steel ball under the same working conditions. It is the most welcomed steel ball by construction ball mill.

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