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How to Install the Liner of Rolling Ball Mill in a Correct Way?

Jan 19 2015

The liner of rolling ball mill is used for protecting the cylinder of rolling ball mill from the impact of the material, so that the installation of liner can directly affect the normal use of rolling ball mill. How to install the liner of rolling ball mill in a correct way? Following text describes the installation notes of rolling ball mill’s liner.

1. Before installation, clean dusts on the surface of liner and the inner wall of cylinder. And at the same time, check the surface of liner carefully and to see whether there are any casting defects on it. If there is, replace or new one.

2. When the liner is installed, liner is generally slightly longer than the cylinder of rolling ball mill (having around 20mm compression).

3. During the installation of liner, a layer of cement mortar with 1:2 must be coated between the inner wall of cylinder and liner. And tighten the bolts of liner while the cement mortar is still wet. Besides, gaps between liners should also be floated with cement mortar.

4. The liner of the cylinder and the lifter bar of cylinder must contact to each other closely. There must not be any annular gap formed on the liner of rolling ball mill.

5. When installers in the rolling ball mill have installed a line of liners, installers outside of the rolling ball mill must lock the nuts immediately. Before the cylinder rotating, every nut must be locked well by bolt to prevent the liner and lifter bar from displacing. When all the fasters are installed, rotate the rolling ball mill and fasten them again.

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