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What Leads to the Damage of Cone Ball Mill’s Main Bearing Shell?

Jan 19 2015

The main bearing shell of cone ball mill is also named as spherical shell, which is a main part of cone ball mill’s main bearing. The wearing and burning phenomena of bearing shell are the frequently problems occurring in the use of cone ball mill. The analysis shows that there are main two reasons leading to the damage of cone ball mill’s main bearing shell. Followings are the details.

Materials made of bearing shell

The first reason is the quality of materials made of it. The bearing shell is mainly made of tin Babbitt alloy and lead Babbitt alloy. The basic element of tin Babbitt alloy is tin, and then antimony, copper, and other elements are added in to combine into alloy. This kind of alloy has moderate hardness, small coefficients of friction, good plasticity and toughness, excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for making bearing shell of large machines. However, the basic elements of lead Babbitt alloy is lead and antimony, and then tin, copper and other elements are added in to combine a new alloy. Its hardness, strength, and toughness are lower than the tin Babbitt alloy, and its coefficient of friction is bigger. But its price is low. It is generally suitable for the bearings with low speed and small load. Therefore, when you purchase a cone ball mill, you must know the materials of bearing shell, and purchase a suitable bearing shell according to your needs.

Manufacturing quality of bearing shell

The casting quality of alloy is also a main reason that leads to the damage of cone ball mill’s main bearing shell. For example, there are casting defects on the casting bearing shell like micro-cracks, rough surface, air holes, and other hidden dangers. These hidden dangers will make the wearing of bearing shell faster. In addition, there is a channel for cooling water in the bearing shell. If there are manufacturing defects, especially air holes and micro-cracks, the cooling water may flow in them and pollute the lubricant of bearing, leading to the lubrication failure of the bearing. Then a serious of damages may happen, such as, the hollow shaft rusts; the cracks of bearing becomes longer; the temperature of bearing become higher, etc.

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