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How to Prevent the Gear of Industrial Ball Mill From Wear?

Jan 19 2015

In the working process of industrial ball mill, there are many reasons causing the wear of its gear. But as long as we adopt reasonable measures, we can kill them before they bring any bad influences, and keep the normal running of industrial ball mill. In order to improve the running safety and reliability of industrial ball mill, this article will summarize some useful method to prevent the gear of industrial ball mill from wear.

Firstly, when purchase the industrial ball mill, customers must strictly obey the standards for acceptance and completely eradicate any substandard machines entering in to the production line, so as to avoid any operation fails because of the nonconforming product.

Secondly, deform the structure of the gear’s cover. Change the open style to close style to prevent dusts and small size of staffs entering the gear. As well as change the sealing structure of liner bolts to avoid any material leaking phenomena and reduce the over grinding phenomena.

Thirdly, improve the lubrication way of industrial ball mill. Change the gear lubrication way to the automatic oil-spray lubrication way to ensure the sufficient supply of lubricants, avoid dry friction, prevent the excessive wear of the gear, and prolong the service life of the industrial ball mill.

Lastly, strengthen the daily inspection, lubrication and maintenance of industrial ball mill. Measure the related dimension of the transmission gear. When the error is outside the allowed range, users must find the reason and repair the fear timely to reduce the failure rate of the gear and extend its service life.

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