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How Many Defects Does Lime Stone Jaw Crusher Have?

Jan 20 2015

Although lime stone jaw crusher has been unanimously approved by users, according to users’ feedback and practice, our specialists find that there are still defects existing in lime stone jaw crusher. Therefore, for lime stone jaw crusher, it still needs to be improved.

1. Due to inertia, lime stone jaw crusher bears a heavy load and big vibration, so it has strict requirements for the installation base which must be as 5~10 times weight as the equipment.

2. The crushing process of lime stone jaw crusher is relatively simple, which can not be flexibly adjusted as the change of the work. Besides, materials are always over crushed, which is resource waste.

3. Lime stone jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing materials, and there is a great deal of difficulty for it used to fine crush materials.

4. The size of lime stone jaw crusher is enormous, which has a lot of inconvenience for transportation and installation of the equipment.

5. In addition, in the course of operation, lime stone jaw crusher’s power and steel consumption are all very large, which does not meet the current energy-saving idea.

6. Due to the long vertical travel of movable jaw, material is not only compressed, but also grinded, which exacerbates the materials over crushing phenomena, increasing energy consumption. And the jaw of lime stone jaw crusher is easy to be worn.

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