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How to Select Super Jaws for European Jaw Crusher

Jan 20 2015

Jaw is the main part of European jaw crusher. A complete pair of jaw has two pieces of jaws: movable jaw, and fixed jaw. In the using process, jaw is easy to be worn by raw materials, so its materials must has high hardness to resist plastic creep and cutting wear, and at the same time, it also needs to has a certain toughness to prevent brittle flaking or cracking. Fote specialists suggest that when select jaws for European jaw crusher, customers must firstly known the working condition of European jaw crusher. The following four aspects are suggestions our specialists give.

1. The specification of European jaw crusher is greater, the size of its raw material will be bigger and the impact load subjected by jaws is greater. At this time, customers should firstly consider to select hard jaws on the premise of enough toughness.

2. Different raw materials have different requirements for jaws (such as granite, quartzite, and limestone). The hardness of material is higher, the hardness of should be higher too.

3. The working principle of movable jaw and fixed jaw is different, and the force on the two kinds of jaws is also different. Movable jaw bears more impact force, so when you purchase a movable jaw, you need to firstly consider its toughness; while the fixed jaw is supported by the mainframe, so when purchase a fixed jaw, hardness is the first thing that needs to be considered.

4. At last, when purchase jaw, customers should also take into account the economic benefits and try to find an ideal jaw with high quality and low prices.

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