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Main Factors Affecting the Normal Work of Stone Primary Jaw Crusher

Jan 21 2015

Stone primary jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgical, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and many other sectors. It is a kind of important crushing equipment. In order to reduce the maintenance costs of stone primary jaw crusher, we need to know the main factors affecting the normal work of stone primary jaw crusher. This article will analyze it from four aspects.

1. Mesh angle: it is the angle between the fixed jaw and the movable jaw. According to calculations, the maximum mesh angle can be up to 32 °, the actual using angle is less than 25 °, generally in 18 °-20 °. If the mesh angle is too large, materials in the crushing cavity will be squeezed towards outside, resulting in injuries or damage to other equipment. Besides, the productivity will decrease with the increase of the mesh angle.

2. The opening size of the discharge mouth: the opening size of the discharge mouth can change the size of mesh angle. In practice, the opening size of the discharge mouth is adjusted on the basis of the particle size of the finished products. Try to adjust the discharge mouth to a reasonable size at the request of product size. The size of the discharge mouth can be adjusted by the adjustment block. When adjust the discharge mouth, operators must pay attention to the relation between reduction ratio and productivity.

3. The rotation of the eccentric shaft: in a certain range, increasing the eccentric shaft rotation can increase the productivity of stone primary jaw crusher, but the power consumption of crushing unit will also increases. If the rotation is too fast, the crushed materials will have no time to be discharged, leading to material clogging phenomena. If the rotation is too slow, the production capacity of stone primary jaw crusher will reduce. So the stone primary jaw crusher must worl with a reasonable rotation.

4. The maintenance of its parts: the eccentric shaft, connecting rods, moveable jaw plate, shaft and liner are the main easy wearing parts of stone primary jaw crusher. They need to be frequently lubricated and replaced.

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