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The Routine Maintenance of Marble Jaw Crusher

Jan 21 2015

The working condition of marble jaw crusher is always very poor, so the routine maintenance of marble jaw crusher is very important for its normal work. Only reasonable routine maintenance can ensure the normal operation of marble jaw crusher, reduce its failure rate, and improve its working efficiency. Followings are the routine maintenance of marble jaw crusher in detail.

1. Periodically shut down the marble crusher and check the wearing degree of its components like the center feeding tube, conical cap, impeller, liner, circular shield, etc. If these parts are worn seriously, replace news in time. In addition, pay attention the size and model of the replacing parts. Their specifications must be the same with the front ones.

2. The maintenance of the belt: belt is the necessary device in the marble production line, so its maintenance has a big significant to the whole production. 1. Regularly check the tension of the belt to put it with a stable pressure, which is an important guarantee for long-term stable operation of the conveyor belt. Note: when the equipment uses dual-motor, the both sides of v-belt should be grouped and try to let the length of each group same. 2. Regularly check the wearing degree of the belt. If find it is worn serious, operators must promptly replace it.

3. Pay attention the daily lubrication of the marble jaw crusher. Suitable lubrication can guarantee the long-term stable work of marble jaw crusher. Besides, it can effectively reduce the wear and tear of parts, and extend the service life of marble jaw crusher is a certain extent. Marble jaw crusher is generally lubricated by extra virgin or 3 lithium grease. Add appropriate amount of grease every 400 hours’ work, and open the main shaft and clean it every 2000 hours’ work. Generally speaking, the main shaft needs to be replaced with a new one after working for 7,200 hours.

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