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An Instruction of Marble Impact Crusher’s Impact Plate

Jan 22 2015

The impact plate of marble impact crusher directly contacts with raw materials during the crushing process. Besides, it can control the particle size of finished products cooperating with the hammer. This article will make a specific introduction of marble impact crusher’s impact plate. Hope it can help you.

1. Manufacturing material: Impact plate is generally made of steel plate though welding together. And on the surface of the impact plate, there is wear-resistant lining installed.

2. Structure design: marble impact crusher has two impact frames which are respectively installed on the front and rear of the equipment. Each of them is individually supported on the mainframe of the marble impact crusher.

3. The function of the impact plate: One end of the impact plate connects with the mainframe of marble impact crusher, and the other end of the impact plate is hung on the main frame. When hard materials enter into the crushing cavity, the impact plate will bear a big pressure, which will make the impact plate rotate with a certain angle around the hinge. And then the gap between the impact plate and hammer will become large which can allow the hard materials to be discharged and avoid serious damage.

4. The adjustment of the impact plate: when marble impact crusher works, impact frames works normally depending on its gravity. And the gap between the impact frame and rotor can be adjusted by the hanging bolt.

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