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The Overload Protection Device of Stone Cone Breaker

Jan 22 2015

The workload of stone cone breaker changes quickly when it works. The maximum load is 3~4 times of the average load. When a piece of iron or other hard materials fall into the crushing cavity, stone cone breaker will seriously overload, leading to the damage of the equipment. Therefore, there must be a sensitive and reliable overload protection device installed in the stone cone breaker. There are two types of overload protection devices for stone cone breaker.

1. Bracket overload protection device: it is the traditional and widest used overload protection method. For this kind of overload protection device, the rear bracket plays a main role in the overload protection. It has two structures: overall structure and combined structure. There are holes or slots on the bracket. When the stone cone breaker is over load, the bracket will be broken immediately and force the equipment to stop working to prevent equipment damage. Its biggest advantage is simple and cheap, and its biggest drawback is not insensitive enough to overload. Besides, the bracket replacement spends a long time.

2. Hydraulic overload protection device: for hydraulic overload protection device, the hydraulic cylinder plays the most important role in the overload protection. When the stone cone breaker works, there are full of oil in the hydraulic cylinder. The piston and cylinder is equivalent to an integral component. When there is hard material entering into the crushing cylinder, the pressure will increase, which will push the movable jaw back to avoid any damage. When the hard materials have been cleaned, the equipment automatically returns to the working position.

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