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The Rotor of Lime Stone Impact Crusher

Jan 23 2015

The rotor of limestone impact crusher is made of steel, fixed on the rotor shaft. There is a v-belt pulley installed on one end of the rotor shaft, and power is inputted from here. Black jaw crusher crushes materials depending on the inertia of rotor, so the maintenance of rotor must be well done. This article will give you a specific introduction of the limestone impact crusher’s rotor.

1. Materials used for making of rotor: ① the rotor of black jaw crusher is generally made of whole style cast steel which is structural sturdiness and durability, and is easy to install. Sometimes the rotor is welded by pieces of cast steels, which is easy to control the balance. ② the rotor of small or medium scale limestone impact crusher is manufactured by case iron or welded hollow. However this type of rotor has poor strength and sturdiness.

2. Installation error: the centerline of rotor is ≤ ± 0.5mm. The levelness tolerance of rotor spindle is less than 1.0mm/m.

3. The function of rotor: there is a grating plate installed below the rotor. When the particle size of crushed materials is not bigger than the hole of the grate, the crushed materials will be discharged though the holes. But if the particle size of the crushed materials is bigger than the holes of the grate, they will have to be re-crushed. The gap between the rotor and the impact frame controls the allowed passing size. So adjusting this gap can control the particle size of the finished product.

4. The detailed requirements for crushing material: the peripheral speed of the rotor is the line speed of its end. When the limestone impact crusher is used for rough crushing materials, its peripheral speed generally is 15~40m/s. And when it is used for fine crushing materials, its peripheral speed is 40~80m/s. Its speed is faster, the wearing of the hammer is more serious.

5. Other notes: the weight of limestone impact crusher’s rotor must be enough to meet the demands of crushing big material. In addition, if the rotor is worn during working, it can be repaired by welding or replacing.

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