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What Factors Affect the Working Effect of Wet Magnetic Separator?

Jan 23 2015

Wet magnetic separator is mainly used for removing iron powder mixed in other powders to realize resources recycling. It is suitably used in wet magnetic separating magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite, etc. whose particle size is not bigger than 3mm. Besides, wet magnetic separator is also used for processing non-metallic mine, building materials, coal and so on. It is one of the widest equipment used in mining preparation industry. What factors affect the working effect of wet magnetic separator? I will discuss it in the following text.

1. In the magnetic separation process, whether the moving magnetic material is easy to be captured by the magnetism or not. For example, it you take a piece of magnetic material to approach the magnet, it will be easily captured. But if you throw it out to the magnet, it may be not be sucked but get an opposite result.

2. Whether the discharge method is reasonable or not. After the magnetic fields capture the magnetic material, the material must be discharged timely, so that it will not affect the next capturing ability of the magnetic field.

3. The magnetic force provided by the magnetic sources of wet magnetic separator must be suitable. Force acting on the entering material is determined by the magnetic force of this point. And the magnetic force of this point is not only has a close relation to the strength of the magnetic field, but also has a close relationship with the magnetic field gradient at this point.

4. The feeding speed and particle size of material must be strictly controlled. Generally speaking, the particle size of raw materials should be similar. And the concentration of raw material should be even. Then the separating effect of wet magnetic separator can be ensured.

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