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The Operation Notes of Rotary Dryer for Coal Slime

Jan 23 2015

Rotary dryer for coal slime is a new type drying machine built by Fote on the basis of the rotary dryer. It is mainly used in coal industry, coal slime drying, slurry drying and other similar industries. What should we specially pay attention to during the operation of rotary dryer for coal slime? This article will give you a summary.

1. When operate a rotary dryer for coal slime, operators must handle the wind speed in the rotary. If the speed is slow, the force of the hot air and coals air will not be enough, and the drying efficiency of the rotary dryer for coal slime will also reduce.

2. Add the fuel according to the actual temperature of the rotary drum. And the adding principle is small amounts and several times.

3. Ensure material in the rotary drum not do "reciprocate" move, so that material can be dried quickly and be taken out of the rotary dryer for coal slime.

4. If the materials need to be mixed with water, add clean water in, and the PH value of the water must be around 7. This operation must be operated by professional operators.

5. Users can not lengthen the roller in order to improve the yield of the rotary dryer for coal slime, because if the length of the roller is too long, the footprint of the equipment will be increased, and the heat in the roller can not be used completely.

6. Coal slime should adopt the downstream drying method, because the water vapor cannot be ruled out timely though this drying method. They will stay in the roller for a long time and affect the drying effect of coal slime.

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