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How to Debug the Limestone Hammer Crusher?

Jan 24 2015

After the installation of limestone hammer crusher has been completed, in order to ensure its productivity and service life, so as to maximize its effect, it must be debugged. How to debug the limestone hammer crusher This article will give you some suggestions.

1. Pay attention to the balanced configuration of the hammer and rotor. Generally speaking, the rotor has been proved its balance, so users need not do any operation to adjust its balance. But if you replace the part of rotor or hammer, the balance may be broken and you should pay attention to adjust the balance.

2. Adjust the balance of the host. The horizontal error of limestone hammer crusher’s spindle is less than 1mm/m. The master-slave pulley must be in the same plane with the spindle. Adjust the tension of the belt and fix the motor.

3. Confirm the installation of each component is in good condition. Check all parts’ installation locations and see whether they are moved, deformed or not. If not, tighten all bolts, and ensure the seal is good.

4. Verify that electric circuit is safe. Check the wiring and fastened case of the electrical box. Adjust the time delay relay and overload protector. Close the circuit, test motor steering, and select the appropriate size of fuse.

5. Ensure the hydraulic system is normal. Check whether the hydraulic system is reliable whether there is oil leakage.

6. Ensure there is no debris in the crushing cavity. Clear foreign bodies in the limestone hammer crusher. And ensure the equipment is powdered without anything in.

7. Ensure the rotor is correctly installed. Users can move the rotor by hands to check for friction and collisions.

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