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Installation Notes of the Primary Impact Crusher

Jan 24 2015

Primary impact crusher is widely used for crushing albite, dolomite, granite and other large stones. It is characterized by high crushing ratio, uniform product size, convenient operation, and so on. Now it is widely welcomed by users. In order to ensure the production efficiency and service life of the primary impact crusher, its installation must be well done. This article will summarize some installation notes of the primary impact crusher in the following parts.

1. Fasten the spare parts of the primary impact crusher. When the primary impact crusher works, its pump vibrates seriously. So no matter on trial or work, the spare parts of the primary impact crusher must be fastened well. Besides, operators must check whether they are loose or not regularly and fasten them timely to avoid any accidents caused by the loose spare parts.

2. Correctly set up the rotational direction of the primary impact crusher. Generally, there is an arrow on the pulley, which stands for the rotation direction. When users install the primary impact crusher, they must install it according to the indication.

3. Install protective device for the conveyor belt. After installing the motor of the primary impact crusher, according to the requirement, a protective device must be installed to protect the conveyor belt.

4. Adjust the gap between the impact plate and the hammer. The gap between the impact plate and hammer should be adjusted little by little during operation. After adjustment, it should rotate several around until ensure there is no collision. When the adjustment is done, lock the nuts to avoid the screws fall down when the impact works.

5. Installation must be programmed before the installation process. Since the material discharge port is under the equipment, when install it, users should consider the height of the discharging port and how it to work with the feeding and discharging devices.

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