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How Many Types of Jaw Plates Does the Jaw Crusher Plant Have?

Jan 24 2015

Jaw plate is the key component of jaw crusher plant. For the jaw plate, if the manufacturing technology is certain, the quality of materials used for making it is better, its crushing ability will also be better. How many types of jaw plates does the jaw crusher plant have? This article will give you a summary according to materials used for making it.

Sodium manganese steel jaw

Sodium manganese steel is a traditional material used for making jaw of jaw crusher plant. It has a very good toughness, and deformation hardening ability. However, the structure of present jaw crusher plant is still not perfect, and the field angle of the movable jaw and fixed jaw is too big, so that the jaw is easy to be worn. Therefore, manufacturers usually enhance its wearing resistance by diffusion processing. But this improvement will affect its toughness, which could easily lead to high manganese steel jaw to break.

Sodium manganese steel and high chrome cast iron compound jaw

This type jaw has good characteristics of both sodium manganese steel and high chrome cast iron. It is not only wear resistance, but also high toughness. However, its manufacturing process is very complex and requirement is quite strictly. Its cost is also high.

Low alloy cast steel jaw

Low alloy cast steel jaw has high wearing resistance, which can resist the cutting and repeatedly squeezing of materials. Its service life is very long, which is longer three times than the sodium manganese steel jaw. Besides, its manufacture process is not as complex as the compound jaw’s. It is the widest used jaw in the jaw crusher plant manufacture now.

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