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What Are the Main Components of Permanent Magnetic Separator?

Jan 24 2015

Permanent magnetic separator is the widest used magnetic separating equipment in the mine industry of our country. It is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation, high concentrate grade, etc. In order to give the user an overall understanding of permanent magnetic separator, this article will introduce the main components of permanent magnetic separator in detail.

1. Drum: drum is an important part of the permanent magnetic separator. The drum is made of 2-3mm stainless steel plate thought welding together. Its end cap is cast aluminum which connects with the drum by stainless steel screws. The drum has two types: half magnetic drum and magnetic drum to adapt to different devices. The magnetic circuit design of drum is unique, which can continuously separate the magnetic materials from non-magnetic material.

2. The magnetic system: the magnetic system of permanent magnetic separator uses high quality ferrite materials or compounded with rare earth magnets. The magnetic system also has two types: open system and closed system. Different types of magnetic systems have different magnetic properties. Weak magnetic field is usually open magnetic system, and strong magnetic field is always closed magnetic system.

3. Tank: tank of the permanent magnetic separator is its main working place. The working area is made of stainless steel plate. And the mainframe and other part of the tang are made of ordinary steel, which is notable durable but also economic.

4. Transmission components: the transmission of the permanent magnetic separator includes bearing, fly wheel, spring, belt, etc. Its purpose is providing power to the equipment. In addition, bearing is the easy wearing part of the permanent magnetic separator, so operators must pay more attention to its maintenance, and lubrication.

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