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The Lubrication Points of Efficiency Jaw Crusher

Jan 26 2015

In the working process of efficiency jaw crusher, there must be more or less frication among parts, which is not only a waste of energy, but also bad for the related parts. The effective way to reduce friction is lubrication. This article will introduce you the lubrication points of efficiency jaw crusher.

Selection of lubricants

The selection of lubricants should be referent the working site, temperature condition and the instruction of grease. Generally speaking, calcium grease is used in most conditions.

The lubrication of important part

Bearing of efficiency jaw crusher is the important lubrication part. The adding amount of grease is fifty percent of the whole volume. And the grease is always replaced once every 3-6 months. When the lubricant is replaced, the bearing should be totally cleaned with petrol or kerosene oil.

The lubricant amount

When add thin oil to the lubrication parts, the adding amount can not be too much or too little. If the adding amount is too little, the lubrication effect can not be realized. If the adding amount is too much, the redundant lubricant will be wasted. Generally speaking, the suitable amount of the lubricant is the one-third of the whole capacity.

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