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How to Lubricate Concrete Jaw Crusher in a Correct Way?

Jan 26 2015

Lubrication is very important to the normal working of the concrete jaw crusher. During the using of the concrete jaw crusher, lubricant must be added timely. However, some operators do not know what the best lubrication way to the concrete jaw crusher is. For this phenomenon, our specialists have made a summary.

The species of lubricant

The movable jaw and fixed jaw are the main working parts of the concrete jaw crusher, so their bearing is always in constant activity, which means its lubrication must be well done. Or there will be frication between bearings. Operators should know that lubricant used here must be dry grease. This grease is easily frozen in winter. So when you add dry grease in, you should firstly add some wet oil in the dry grease to prevent it froze and affect the lubrication effect.

The usage amount of the lubricant

Some parts of the concrete jaw crusher need to be lubricated by thin oil lubricant. When add thin oil lubricant, operators must master the adding amount. If the adding amount is too much, it is a waste. If the adding amount is too little, it will affect the productivity of the concrete jaw crusher. Generally speaking, the adding amount of the thin oil lubricant is about one-third of the whole volume.

The temperature of the lubricant

Besides the adding amount, the temperature of the thin oil lubricant also should be pay attention to. The temperature can not beyond 60 degrees centigrade. The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the flow of oil or add cooling water. Only control the temperature of the lubricant, the normal production of the concrete jaw crusher can be ensured.

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