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How to Prolong the Service Life of Jaw Granite Crusher’s Jaw?

Jan 26 2015

Jaw granite crusher has been widely used in mining, construction, railways, highways, refining and chemical industries at present. Its application is very wide. However, during the working process, its jaws directly contact the raw materials and bear big impact force, so they are easily worn. How to prolong the service life of jaw granite crusher’s jaw? The followings are three suggestions.

The design of jaws

The fixed jaw and movable jaw should be peak against valley. In this way, materials can bear bending force besides pressure, so that they can be crushed more easily. In order to prolong the service life of jaws, jaws of small type jaw granite crusher is designed into a symmetrical shape, so that when the lower is worn, it can be re-used by turning around; jaws of large scale jaw granite crusher is designed to several symmetrical pieces of plates, so that when one piece of plate is worn, users just need replace the worn one instead of the whole jaw.

The movements of jaws

The movement of movable jaw determines the crushing and discharging process of raw materials, and the relative motion between jaws and forces acting on jaws. We suggest you reasonable feeding for the equipment to bring additional economic benefits.

The reasonable assembly of jaws

Jaws must be tightly installed on the jaw granite crusher. if it is imbalance, soft metal gaskets should be padded between jaws to make them flat, and then tighten them with blots. When the jaw granite crusher works, its jaws can not loosen, or the service life of jaws will be affected. Therefore, the installation of jaws is very important to prolong the service life of it.

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