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The Defect Analysis of Quartz Jaw Crusher

Jan 27 2015

In recent decades, the development and improvement of quartz jaw crusher has gotten obvious achievement. However, we still should face up to its shortcomings and defects, so that we can make a further improvement. Long-term practice shows that the defects of quartz jaw crusher include the following several aspects:

1. The noise is loud in the operation of quartz jaw crusher. That is because that the overload bearing on the mainframe is heavy, and the vibration of the equipment is strong, so that the requirement of the installation foundation is strict. The general requirement is that the foundation tolerance is 5-10 times of the weight of the equipment.

2. Since the vertical travel of the movable jaw is long, and materials are not only compressed but also ground, the over crushing ratio is increased, and the wearing speed of jaws is also increased. Besides, the energy consumption is increased too.

3. The crushing process of quartz jaw crusher is relatively simple, which can not realize multi-function material crushing. If the characteristics of raw materials are various, the traditional crushing process will not make them completely separate, and can not get the best crushing effect.

4. When the compressive strength reaches a certain level, the quartz jaw crusher will waste a lot of energy but can not get the desired crushing effect.

5. Quartz jaw crusher can not realize fine crushing effect. If materials need to be fine crushed, they must pass though multiple operations.

6. The size of quartz jaw crusher is relatively large and relatively bulky, so it should take up a lot of space, and need to have a strong support base.

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