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The Safe Operation of Mineral Jaw Crusher

Jan 27 2015

The following three points are the safe operation of mineral jaw crusher. Only safe operation can ensure the mineral jaw crusher to efficiently work with high productivity.


Carefully check main components of mineral jaw crusher, such as jaw plates, bearings, connecting rod, thrust plates, lever springs, pulley and v-belt, and see whether they are good or not. Check fastening bolts and other connectors and see whether they are loose or not. Check the accessory devices such as, belt conveyor, elevator, electrical, instrumentation and signal device and see whether there are any problems or not. Check whether there are raw materials in the crushing chamber or not. If there are any big size raw materials, users must take them out before starting any further operation.

Operation notes

During the crushing process, users can not take out raw materials between jaws directly. If there is failure, users should hand it with tools such as crowbars, iron hooks, etc. If the mineral jaw crusher stops because there is material clogged in the crushing chamber, stop production and power off the motor. Do not do any further operation until there is no more raw materials. If the discharging port needs to be adjusted, users should firstly loosen the springs and then adjust it. After adjustment, do not forget fasten the springs and bolts to prevent the liner from falling off at work.

Parking notes

When the mineral jaw crusher finishes its job, users should firstly stop feeding, then stop the belt conveyor, the secondary crusher, the upper conveyor, and at last stop the material returning conveyor. In addition, after the mineral jaw crusher stopping, clean up the equipment carefully. And there should not any raw material left in the equipment, especially the crushing chamber.

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