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The Good and Bad Characteristics of Gypsum Jaw Crusher

Jan 27 2015

The bad characteristics of Gypsum Jaw Crusher

1. Due to the big inertia, heavy loads, and serious vibration, gypsum jaw crusher has a high requirement to the foundation whose bearing capacity is as 5~10 times big as the weight of gypsum jaw crusher.

2. When material feeding is uneven, materials will together in the crushing chamber and forms clogging phenomenon, affecting the normal production.

3. The particle size of the finished product is uneven and too big. Besides, there are many flake products, which seriously affect the quality of products.

4. Since the vertical travel of the movable jaw is too long, and the crushing time is also too long, so the over crushing phenomenon is serious, which not only increases the wearing of the movable jaw, and increases energy consumption.

The good characteristics of Gypsum Jaw Crusher

1. The crushing chamber of gypsum jaw crusher is deep and has no dead zones, which increase the feeding capacity and productivity of the equipment. Besides, its crushing ratio is big, and particle shape is good.

2. Gypsum jaw crusher uses gasket to adjust its discharge port, which is convenient and reliable. Besides, adjustment range increases and the equipment is more flexible.

4. The structure of gypsum jaw crusher is simple, the job of gypsum jaw crusher is reliable, and the operating cost of gypsum jaw crusher is low.

5. The gypsum jaw crusher is energy-saving: a single machine can save energy 15%~30%, and the whole system can save energy more than 1 time than the common jaw crusher.

6. The adjustment range of the gypsum jaw crusher’s discharge port is big, so that the equipment can meet different crushing requirements. Besides, the equipment has low noise and less dust, which is very environment friendly.

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