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The Composition and Structure of Manganese Ore Jaw Crusher

Jan 28 2015

Manganese ore jaw crusher is the widest used ore primary crusher. Understanding the composition and structure of manganese ore jaw crusher can help us to know the working process of it and do the maintenance of the equipment. This article will give you a specific introduction of its composition and structure.


Mainframe is a rigid framework whose up side and down side are all open. It is used for supporting the eccentric shaft and withstanding the reaction of crushing material. It is required to have sufficient strength and stiffness, so it is usually made of cast steel. For the mini type manganese ore jaw crusher, it can also be made of high quality cast iron instead of cast still. But for the large scale manganese ore jaw crusher, its mainframe must be made of segmented casts, and then fastened together.

Jaw plate and jaw bed

Fixed jaw and movable jaw are made up of jaw bed and jaw plate. The jaw plate is the working part which is fastened on the jaw bed by blots. The jaw bed is mostly made of steel or cast iron.


Eccentric shaft is the main shaft of manganese ore jaw crusher, which suffers a big bend torsion force and is made of high-carbon steel. The eccentric part need to be processed with finish machining and heat treatment. One end of the eccentric shaft is installed with pulley, and another end is installed with flywheel.

Regulation device

The regulation device has wedge block type, pads type and hydraulic type. Wedge block type is the widest used, which is composed of two wedges. The front wedge can move front and back, and the back wedge can move up and down.


The flywheel of manganese ore jaw crusher is used for storing energy in the empty travel of movable jaw. Flywheel is made of cast iron or cast steel. And the mini flywheel is often made into an integral.

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