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How to Repair the Broken Jaw Shaft of Diesel Jaw Crusher

Jan 28 2015

Diesel jaw crusher works in a deplorable environment, so only good state can ensure the normal operation of diesel jaw crusher. In the working process, failures of diesel jaw crusher are inevitable. This paper summarizes some repairing methods of the broken jaw shaft.

When the movable jaw shaft of diesel jaw crusher is worn to the following degree, it needs to be repaired: the ovality is more than 0.05mm, the conicity is more than 0.04mm, and the convex-concave degree of the shaft surface is more than 0.04mm. The specific repairing methods are as follows:

1. If the strength of the broken jaw shaft is allowed, we should firstly cut the broken shaft and then nest it to restore the original size. The thickness of the shaft is 4-6mm.

2. Weld up the broken shaft of diesel jaw crusher with appropriate technical measures, and then cut it to the original size.

3. Use vibration welding to metal plating method to restore the broken shaft, and then cut it into the original size.

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