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What Causes the Yield of Gold Mine Jaw Crusher Declining?

Jan 29 2015

The yield of gold mine jaw crusher will decline after a long time of using. The followings are reason analysis of this phenomenon.

The characteristics of raw materials

The hardness and toughness of raw materials are not consistent with the provisions of the manual, which are beyond the standard range of gold mine jaw crusher, causing its load increasing and working efficiency is decreasing.

The wring of motor makes a mistake.

The wring of motor is linked on the opposite place, so the rotation direction of the motor is wrong. It means that the equipment drives against the correct direction.

The discharge port is too small.

The discharge port of gold mine jaw crusher is smaller than the limit specified size. It does not meet the standards, so that crushed materials can not be discharged immediately. This phenomenon could easily lead to blocking failures of gold mine jaw crusher.

The jaws of gold mine jaw crusher are broken.

The jaws of gold mine jaw crusher are broken or displaced. Then the distance between the two tooth plates can not meet the installation requirements. The crushing ability of jaws to raw materials decreases, and its yield also comes down.

Voltage is too low.

The voltage of gold mine jaw crusher at the work ground is too low, which can not provide adequate power for normal working of the equipment. Such phenomenon easily leads to equipment breakdown and impedes the normal crushing operation.

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