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What Role Does the Flywheel Play in the Copper Ore Jaw Crusher?

Jan 29 2015

Copper ore jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shafts, flywheels, adjusting device, lubrication system, etc. All the compositions work together and finish the crushing operation. In the process of crushing operation, what role does the flywheel play in the copper ore jaw crusher?

Provide power.

During the crushing process, there are four processes in the engine cylinder of copper ore jaw crusher: intake, compression, power, and exhaust. In these four processes, energy provided by the equipment itself is only in work process. And in other three processes, there is no power provided by the copper ore jaw crusher itself. So these three processes need flywheel to provide power to them. In order to produce enough inertia force, the quality and diameter of flywheel should be big enough.

Transmit power.

The power of motor is transmitted to the gearbox by the clutch though flywheel. The energy come out from the flywheel is the difference in kinetic energy of boot and shutdown. About 80% of the energy is given to the movable jaw, and the remained energy is spent on the friction of all driving parts.

Average energy.

In the crushing process, when the movable jaw leaves, energy is stored in it, and when the two jaws close together, energy is transmitted to the raw materials. If there is no flywheel, the operation of motor is very uneven. And when the movable jaw leaves, the motor need to overcome friction and transmission energy, it is because of the existence of the flywheel, copper ore jaw crusher’s energy consumption was able to even.

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