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The Overload Protection Devices of Iron Ore Jaw Crusher

Jan 29 2015

The overload protection devices of iron ore jaw crusher consist of the cylinder, accumulator, injection pump, cam fitting, hydraulic control device, valve, filter, fuel tank and other components

1. Cylinder: it provides thrust required by the normal work for the thrust plate of iron ore jaw crusher. When the equipment is overload, the pressure in the cylinder will increase, the piston will retract, and then the maximum crushing force of iron ore jaw crusher can be limited.

2. Accumulator: it is used for decreasing pressure pulsation of the hydraulic system to make the valve spill oil when it is overload.

3. Cam fitting: it is a mechanical energy input device whose plunger can move up and down.

4. The oil pressure regulator: it works depending on a small piston according to the change of the system pressure.

5. Injection pump: it provides high pressure oil for the iron ore jaw crusher. there is a cylindrical spiral chute on the surface of the plunger, and on in the chute, there is a hole which communicates to the upper pump cavity. On the plunger, there is a oil inlet hole and outlet hole. The effective stroke of the pump is determined by the relative position of the plunger. When the plunger counterclockwise rotates, the effective stroke of the pump is short. Conversely, the effective stroke of the pump increases.

6. Action valve: It is a specially designed device. In it, there are two pistons with different areas. When the upper cavity pressure is higher than the down cavity pressure, the piston will move down, and the upper oil cavity will drain oil; when the upper cavity pressure is lower than the down cavity pressure, the piston will be at the upper limit position and the hydraulic system is in the normal state.

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