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How Many Sructures Does the Crushing Cavity of Iron Jaw Crusher Have?

Jan 29 2015

Crushing cavity is the key of iron jaw crusher. It plays an important role in the crushing process of raw materials. When the iron jaw crusher is in the idling trip, raw materials are falling down to the crushing cavity. Then the two jaws are close to each other, and raw materials between them are squeezed and crushed. After that, a new trip begins, and the crushed materials are discharged from the outlet port. Iron jaw crusher has two structures of crushing cavity: straight and curved. The followings are the structure analysis of these two types of crushing cavities.

Linear crushing cavity

The volume of trapezoid surfaces in the successive level decreases. And the gaps between materials also decrease. But the swinging stroke and the crushing force of movable jaw gradually increase. The material speed at the discharge port is down, which easily leads to the material clogging phenomenon. This is the main reason causing the wear of jaw and liner and the overload of the iron jaw crusher.

Curve crushing cavity

The angle of curve crushing cavity is designed decline from up to down. In the curve crushing cavity, the volume of the trapezoidal cross-section formed by every linked horizontal planes increases from the middle part to the bottom, so that the gap among materials is big, which is benefit for the material discharging and avoid material clogging phenomenon from happening. The structure of the crushing cavity is designed according to the actual need. Different structures of crushing cavities are used for meeting different crushing requirement.

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