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The Application of Limestone Crushed by Limestone Jaw Crusher

Jan 30 2015

Limestone belongs to one of the large ore deposits in the stone ores. It is widely distributed in China. Limestone can not get reasonable application if it is not crushed though right process, resulting in great economic losses for the country. Limestone jaw crusher is the best equipment to handle limestone. This article will introduce you the application of limestone crushed by limestone jaw crusher.

1. The crushed limestone is widely used in concrete: after limestone is crushed by limestone jaw crusher, products with fine size can be used as a kind of inert material which general does not react with cement. Therefore, adding some limestone in the cement can reduce the dosage of cement, and obviously reduce hydration hot of the concrete, reaching the purpose of controlling the concrete’s temperature liter. It has more obvious advantages in big volume of concrete.

2. The crushed limestone can be applied in the underground infrastructure: in order to realize high utilization efficiency of limestone, it should be crushed by the specialized crusher limestone jaw crusher. The crushed limestone can be used for filling the underground foundation. The building foundation is strong and not easy to crack because of limestone’s properties.

3. The crushed limestone can be used in the industry: with the increase of environmental awareness and environmental protection requirements, in order to control SO2 emissions, domestic thermal power plant is required to build FGD project. In most of the thermal power plant, limestone is used to remove sulfur. The proportion of thermal power is big in China, so the demand of limestone is huge, which has also increased the demand for limestone jaw crusher.

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